Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bodie Hills Mountain Bike

Last weekend I headed up to Mono City to join my good friend J. Tabb for a mountain bike ride up into the Bodie Hills. We started from his back porch and proceeded through sandy sagebrush lined roads toward the hills. Thankfully the recent rain had firmed up the roads and trails quite nicely.

The soft exit from the dirt road onto the highway however was a bit tricky.
Once we left the lowlands we entered the Pinon forest and found excellent packed dirt roads. The views opened up too.

This is Dunderberg Peak doing an excellent Big Volcano imitation.
Somehow a little hike-a-bike seems to add to the sense of adventure - and the burning sensation in my calves!

Here's JT tackling one of the steeper sections.
We topped out on a knoll JT dubbed Hawkeye Hill.
Where the views exploded in every direction. Wow! The Mono Basin never ceases to stun my sense of aesthetics.

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