Monday, July 27, 2009

From Bishop to Tuolumne

A few weeks ago my friend Greg and I were talking cycling over dinner and he mentioned he was scheming to ride from Bishop to Tuolumne Meadows. I think "WOW" was my response at the time and, as I thought about it some more, I really liked the idea. He picked the day and I let him know I was "in."

The plan was to meet at his place at 5:00am and ride at first light so as to beat the heat.

Here we are, preparing to saddle up the steads.
When we reached Round Valley the shadows were still long and the light still soft.
Mt. Tom loomed over our proceedings.
Our first big stop was at Tom's Place for a little power food. This ham and egg sandwich kept me going for nearly three hours!
Through Long Valley.
Over Deadman's Summit.
To near June Lake Junction, where Mary & Porter hooked up with us and topped off our good spirits.
Down the long descent near Mono Craters.
To our next stop at Whoa Nellie Deli. Since we had some serious exertion ahead of us we stuck to energy drink and Powerbars. The fish tacos would have to wait for another day.
The sign says "Steep Grades, Difficult for Trailers" (click to enlarge). It ain't too easy for cyclists either.
This is where the climbing got tough. The road winds up the valley then out to the left of the peak in the center.
It was really nice to have this sign behind me.I think Greg agreed with that sentiment at this point.Although we had not yet reached the pass, the grades were much mellower and we could enjoy the views like this one of Ellery Lake.

And Tioga Lake.
At last the end of all the uphill, Tioga Pass.
The high country was in fine form - as usual!

We finished at the Pack Station in Tuolumne Meadows a bit worse for the wear, but jubilant nonetheless.
Thanks Greg.
That was a super ride!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Riding 'Round Lone Pine

In the heat of summer I camp at Diaz Lake Campground south of Lone Pine. Large shade trees keep the trailer liveable and a nice irrigated pasture south of the campground helps with night time cooling.

The road out of the campground is serene.
The view back across the lake is nice too.
Lubken Canyon Road heads up through the southern end of the Alabama Hills south of the campground. The road is pleasant and quiet.
Swell views of pasture and granite abound.
The road narrows and travels through more pasture.
Nice riding!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Emerald Lake

Mary, Porter and I were feeling the need for a little time in the mountains, so we headed up to Emerald Lake in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

The start of the trail winds through the forest.
After about half an hour of moderate hiking we arrived at beautiful Emerald Lake.
We continued above the Lake and found some pleasant little meadows and a delightful little stream.

The rugged Mammoth Crest loomed above us. This formation is called the Ship's Prow.
It was truly great to spend a little QT with Mary and Port!