Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Owens Point

The huge chute falling from Owens Point calls out to any skier looking southeast from the Lone Pine area. Yep, it's the big one left of center (as always click on the pic to enlarge).
It seemed to be a good time to give it a go since the road to the canyon mouth was dry and there appeared to be continuous snow just beyond.

I left the truck just after first light and about fifteen minutes later I arrived at the snow.

Looking down canyon shortly after beginning to skin up.
The view up the chute early morning.
The snow was a typical March transition period hodge podge of sun crust, wind crust, wind board, and soft wind blown, trending more wintery higher up.

This is the view down from my turnaround point.
The view up from my turnaround. Still a ways to go, but I wasn't too excited about getting a bunch more breakable crust.
The skiing was poor up high, worsened in the bottom half of the chute, and became a horror on the traverse out of the canyon. I do not recommend the low elevation, sometimes supportable sun crust over a foot of rotten snow, tree skiing.

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