Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slide Mountain

Steve and I headed up Slide Mountain out of Big Pine today. Steve noted that "Slide Mountain" sounded like a Disney World ride - and it was kinda like a Disney World ride, only better.

This is the view of the approach gully at the bottom of the mountain.
And this is the view of the upper slopes from just beyond the top of the approach gully.
Slide Mountain sits a few mile northeast of the Sierra Crest in the Palisades region. The largest glaciers and some of the finest peaks in the Sierra populate this area including Middle Palisade and Norman Clyde Peak shown here.
The magnificent Mt. Sill dominates the skyline to the southwest along with North Palisade and Starlight Peak to the right.Steve skins the upper slopes with the fine peaks behind.A subpeak near the top featured dozens of interesting fractured outcrops (click to enlarge).
Steve and I enjoyed a brief respite on the summit.And then happily cruised the wide open slopes below.
The lower gully held good snow too. Kid Peak in the background.
After about 5,000 feet of fine Sierra spring skiing we were definitely satisfied!

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