Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brown Lake Chutes

On Monday morning the snow reports from the ski area and the snow sensors reported upwards of 18" of new snow, so I asked my boss for Tuesday morning off. Fortunately my boss is good natured and gave me the ok.

I headed back up to Brown Lake to ski the chutes that rise above the lake.

The South Lake Road is still bermed off just past the Tyee trailhead. The crew is working on widening the cleared path above that. I would think it will be open to Parcher's next weekend.

The temps at the parking spot were cold! No Sierra cement today.
Just as I reached the top of the Parcher's slope, I had the great pleasure of spying this Ptarmigan in the snow. I figured THAT was a good omen.
The objective(s) for the day came into view.
I ended up skiing the lookers right chute first. This is the view in the throat.
I didn't take any other photos on the way down. Hey, I was skiing!!

The snow in the right chute was great with a little wind affect high and a foot of fluff in the chute itself. Thank you sir may I have another! I headed back up to ski the left chute.
The left chute was a bit more wind affected, but still skied well.A fine morning's work.The Parcher's slope wasn't bad either, especially the upper half, where there was enough new snow that I wasn't hitting the crust beneath.
What a day!

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