Monday, April 26, 2010

Heap of the Week

I spent the rest of the weekend working in our yard and riding the bike. We had an incredibly nice ride Sunday out in Round Valley.

It appears there was some good skiing to be had in the north facing, sheltered chutes, but I did not rally. See
this link
and this one:

I figured I should get something on the blog today, and with a major wind event in the forecast for tomorrow, I went out to find this week's Heap of the Week.

I headed around the cornet to the Keeler Market.
Although not currently in business, they were most certainly were at one time.

I imagine those HSU (Humboldt State University) Geology students bought a lot of beer here.
This beautiful heap was lovingly parked in a car port next to the store.

I Love spoked wheels!

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Mary said...

No, we are not going to move to Keeler! Appealing as this may all seem.....history should remain history.