Friday, April 9, 2010

Tyee Lakes

I headed up the South Fork of Bishop Creek on a little recon trip. First of all to get a feel for snow conditions after last weeks dump and the subsequent warm up. Secondly, to see how far up the road crew has plowed the road.

The road is plowed all the way to the Tyee Lakes trailhead, and it will likely only be a matter of days until it's opened to Parchers.

After some funky skinning through steep benches and thick forest, the views began to open up.
The corn run above the first lake may be close to ready, but I decided to look for powder instead.
Looking westward, up canyon, are these fine peaks which lie at the northern end of the Thompson Ridge.
I eventually found my way onto the high ridge separating the Tyee Lakes drainage from the South Fork drainage. Straight down this gully is the South Lake Dam (click to enlarge) with the Inconsolable Range on the sky line.
I enjoyed fine views of Hurd Peak (front left) and Mount Goode (center distant).
As well as Mounts Johnson (left) and Gilbert (far right) and the ever enticing Treasure Bowls.
Looking back down the South Fork of Bishop Creek, a nasty dusty haze hung in the Owens Valley.
Stark totem.
The skiing off the ridge was a bit wind affected here and there, but not bad.
The north east facing slopes lower down were better.
I had a real good time, although I don't think I've solved the riddle of "do I ski corn or do I ski powder?"

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