Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mammoth Crest

Much of the Eastern Sierra backcountry snow has been affected, even wrecked, by high winds which swept the region about a week and half ago, but a cold, relatively windless storm last Sunday left well over a foot of goodness in the Mammoth area while leaving most other areas with little or no new snow, hence we headed up to the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

I hooked up with a new ski partner, Brian and we headed up under bright blue skies.
The Mammoth Crest above TJ Lake holds several nice chutes. Just east of the chute known in the guidebook as "Sister Chute" is this chute. Not the greatest pic as the chute looks more like a bowl and the lighting is poor. We skied the line just looker's left of the big block.
Near the top of the chute we attained this slight ridge which divides the TJ area from the Hammill area.
Good skinning on a comfortably stable snowpack brought us to the top. Here's the view down the chute.
Brian skis the upper chute. After the first turn or two, the snow was light and fun all the way down.
And Brian skis the lower section.
The snow on the apron wasn't quite as deep, but was about the easiest snow to ski imaginable.
The fun continued all the way down to TJ Lake.

What a day!

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