Friday, April 22, 2011

Catchin' Up

Last weekend a big group of us headed over to the west side of the Sierra for some incredible road riding.

Slept in these things at Indian Grinding Rock State Park.
Big Oaks!
Did another before work jaunt up Onion Valley way.

Mt. Gould
University Peak
Nice Bowl
Hooked up with Nemo to try out the sharp objects (crampons & ice axe) in the South Fork of Bishop Creek.
Found some very fine skiing too.
Been hustling to get work done, accounting square and arrangements make 'cause....


Check back in a couple of weeks for the report.

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Anonymous said...


My name is Jeffrey I write the back page column in backcountry magazine under the name “Biff America. My wife and I head to the Eastern Sierras—Bishop, Independence, Big Pine, VA lakes etc most springs to BC-ski. We leave in a few days to do so again. It seems you are heading to Alaska but if you have the time before you leave or when you return if you could write me at I’d like to ask you about the conditions this year as well as access.
It will take us a week or more to get there as we hope to ski in CO and UT along the way.