Saturday, June 18, 2011

Porter's Last Hour

This last Wednesday was our dog, Porter's, last day with us.

He was quickly becoming weaker and weaker, he suffered from bloating, and he was unable to keep food down. His suffering had become too much and so we made the decision that every pet owner hates to have to make.

Our wonderful Vet was so kind to come to our home, so we were able to enjoy our last hour together on our lawn, with perfect temperatures and big puffy clouds on the horizon.
Despite his obvious discomfort he was a real trooper right to the end, enjoying the love and attention we were more than happy to heap on him.

Every pet is special. Yet those who knew Porter would all agree that he was an exceptional dog. A rescue dog who lived with gratitude and love every hour of every day.

We miss you greatly Porter.
Thank You for many many fine years.

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Lynne Almeida said...

Scott - what a beautiful tribute to your special little guy ... I'm thinking of you guysm& shedding a tear for ya! Porter will be missed and remembered!