Monday, January 16, 2012

Mountain Biking

We still have no snow.

Feeling the need for a little adventure, I've visited a couple of out of the way spots for some great mountain biking lately.

Last weekend I hooked up with my buddy Jim and we rode up into the Bodie Hills from his home in Mono City.

In no time we were climbing in the open Pinon forest with spectacular views of the Mono Basin.
We visited a nice spring where the vivid green distinctly contrasted with the pervasive browns and golds.
A nearby cabin provided an interesting diversion.

We enjoyed a little serene valley cruising.
Then plunged back down to Mono City.
This weekend I ventured into one of the many seldom visited regions in our area - the Northern Inyo Mountains (or is that the Sourthern White Mountains?)

Got to get a pic of my ride in here.
Most of the ride was spent traversing these beautiful valleys.

With occasional jaw dropping views of the Sierra.

Eventually arriving at the southwestern rim of Deep Springs Valley.
I very much enjoyed the raw beauty and remoteness here.

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Stephanie said...

You take such great pictures...I love looking at your blog and then bugging Steve that we need to come visit you guys!