Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hidden Cirque/Mammoth Crest

Today I skied up beneath the Mammoth Crest, heading up to where I was two weeks ago.

Found a different/better approach.

This is the area around the Ship's Prow (right).
I had noticed on maps that the wooded ridge led to a hanging cirque, but on the way up I just couldn't see it. Trust the map! Sure enough I found myself in this nice hanging cirque.
Did a short run down along the sun/shade line (variable) in the above pic, then headed up this nicely protected slope.
Turned around when it got to be about 6" of new snow on a hard crust, although I later wished I had persevered, because the skiing was good from the get go.

Once back on the ridge I found my way to this chute. Nice skiing above the throat. Wind packed and scratchy in the throat.
Took a little "hike" over beneath Hammill Bowl. Wind hammered.
Got this long shot of the top of the run I did in the hidden cirque.
The sugar snow in the trees held the most consistent skiing of the day, although you had to watch out for the sun crust.
All in all the snow quality ain't that great, but you can find some decent pockets here and there.

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