Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little George Lake

Went for my first solo tour of the year today.

Drove up to Aspendel and skied up the summer trail along the east shore of Lake Sabrina.
The trail was nicely packed by snowshoes and skiers, so it was easy to make good time to the back of the lake. Then I broke trail up the George Creek drainage to the vicinity of Little George Lake.

Had hopes of skiing the bowl above Little George Lake (right of center in pic), but as I drew closer I realized it was way too thin and fairly wind hammered too.
Enjoyed some nice views though, from left Mt. Emerson, Paiute Crags, and Mt. Tom.
Then had a hoot skiing back down. The faceted/sugar snow skied really well. Rocks and brush were part of the bargain though.
A good quicky before work.

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