Monday, February 6, 2012

Pika Peak Attempt

High pressure (again) prevails, so on Saturday Steve and I took a long tour out of the Mammoth Lakes Basin to take a shot at Pika Peak.

Travel was easy owing to the settled snow and wind pack, but also because two skiers ahead of us broke trail all the way!

Steve approaches Duck Pass on Barney Lake.
Barney Bowl looking thin and wind affected, although there appeared to be some decent runs available.
The pair of skiers in front of us headed up the west shoulder (right) of Pika Peak while we headed for the north face (left).
Steve skins across Pika Lake on the way to base of the north face.
We skinned up this attractive lower chute on the north face until just above the throat where we found a fairly stout, but not supportable, wind crust.
Camera died whilst I was attempting take some pics at the turnaround thus no action shots.

Once we got through the throat we had pretty decent skiing on soft, wind eroded snow down to Pika Lake. Then a long, but scenic slog brought us back to the trailhead.

Nice to take a full day in the hills and have a go at an aesthetic line.
We'll be back.

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