Friday, December 28, 2012

Rock Creek Junipers

I elected to ski a little closer to home today in a zone I had not been to for a good long time.

I pulled up to the winter closure and my thermometer read 1 degree F!
It shot up to the low 20s though once the sun rose over the ridges though.

The moraine above the road above the closure often holds good snow and is the home of some amazing old Junipers.
 The fine north face of Pointless Peak above Patricia Bowl wasn't too far away.
 Still low tide here, but the skiing was fantastic. Bumped a couple rocks, but nothing serious.
 Open glades with Wheeler Peak (left) and Mt Morgan South (right) behind.
The snow pack was two to four feet with more snow higher up the moraine. I experienced a lot of snow pack collapsing (whumping), but saw no cracks or slab movement. The snow was not wind affected nor  slabby. A hasty pit revealed about two inches of facets at the ground and another one inch layer of facets above firm snow about six inches above the ground. Unclear which layer was collapsing. Stuck to low angle slopes which skied just fine.

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