Sunday, February 24, 2013

Southeast Basin Mountain

I woke up yesterday with no specific plans, but after coffee and a little breakfast I got an itch to get up in the mountains.

The southeast side of Basin Mountain is an area I visit pretty much every year because it is close, has some nice runs, affords access to bigger country below Mt Humphreys, and is just a beautiful locale.

This is the current view of Basin.
Dang thin!

The good news is one can drive all the way to the usual road end (which is now about a quarter mile higher) and easy hiking (about twenty minutes) brings one near the end of the approach gully, which is filled in nicely.

The SE chute of Basin is probably skiing pretty well now.

I skinned up to the ridge for views of Mt Locke.

And Peaklet.

The view down. A strong cold front passed while I was up here resulting in high winds and dust down in the valley. Fortunately I was sheltered from the winds for the most part.

A real mix of snow, with soft, eroded snow high up, funky crusty snow on east facing slopes, corn/supportable sun crust on southeast facing slopes, and a little recently deposited wind slab in the gully - which skied real nice.

The bad news is I took a freakish little fall and twisted my knee. No pop. No swelling, but not good. Likely down for a week or two.


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