Friday, May 17, 2013

The North Coast

The day after the century Mary, Bristle, and I were looking for a little relaxing time at the coast, so we headed up to one of my favorite beaches, College Cove, just north of Trinidad. 

My second year in college I lived a short walk from here and spent countless blissful hours strolling the sands and exploring the cliffs. A light fog was burning off and, as the sun warmed the sand, steam rose from the beach. Shorts, T-Shirts and bare feet were in order!

Bristle B loved it too.

We then hiked over to Elk Head.

and enjoyed the view back towards College Cove.

On our last day of the trip, Brian joined us for a drive up to Gold Bluff Beach in Redwood National Park where the fog was thick and cool.

 We were treated to several good Elk sightings on the way in.

Fern Canyon was the next stop on the beautiful scenery tour.

Mary found a log which resembled a dog with its belly up, so she gave it a good rub!

Then we visited one of the several tall trees in the area. Really tall!!

The ride, the scenery and all of that were wonderful, but by far the greatest part of the trip was spending time with old, dear friends.

This is a pic of Karl, Brian and me over thirty years ago. Thanks for digging this up Henry!

Brian and me in Fern Canyon.

Karl and me at the Mad River Brewery beer garden.
I miss these guys!

At the end of the day, the end of trip, we were all pretty pooped!

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