Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big Pine Single Track

I've heard rumors here and there of some nice trails down Big Pine way, so I rode from our house down the usual canals and power line roads in search of said trails.

Google Earth (what an awesome tool!) revealed what appeared to be two routes down from the large meadow below the Warren Bench. 

The ever pleasant meadow.

I rode the southernmost trail which was nothing short of terrific albeit pretty short.  A fence keeps out cattle and motor vehicles, so these are primarily hiking trails. Folks seemed to have put some real effort into buffing them out too.

Once to the bottom I found a little road/trail connector to the next trail north which rose up and over a little ridge. Here's the view north "from whence I came."

I got quite a little thrill over the "treasure hunt" aspect of the ride. The warm temps and lack of wind were pretty nice too.

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swooshingCA said...

Nice Scott, love finding those hidden gems! Head north on the powerlines next time, and keep your eyes pealed near the old concrete pool if you know where that is... a few short and sweet singles in that area too!