Monday, March 31, 2014

White Wing

Yesterday's winds brought a classic Sierra spring storm through the area with around a foot reported at the ski area. I toured with a new partner, Dave, and we decided to drive north and have a look at the Chicken Wing/White Wing area.

I was pretty skeptical we'd have enough snow, but figured we could piece something together. Four or five inches of snow covered the road on the approach which was bare before this last storm.

In fact the trek into the meadow was all or mostly bare before this last storm, but once we got to the north slopes of White Wing coverage was better.

 The snow was a little wind blown, easy to skin, and staying nice and cold under a steady, brisk west wind.

Views across the canyon to June Mountain ski area.

Dave approaches the mini summit with Long Valley and the Glass Mountains behind.

The skiing proved to be good fun!

 Our handiwork.

There were probably "better" places to go for deeper snow or easier approaches, but it's hard to beat good turns in this amazing spot. Thanks Dave!

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Dave Kirk said...

A funky approach but the views and turns were well worth it in my opinion. Thanks for a great day out Scott. Nice blog by the way. D. Kirk