Monday, January 26, 2015

Owens Valley Gravel Grinder I

I pre-rode the course yesterday. Amazing weather.

I managed to create a map.  Click here.

February 1, 2015 10am, about 50 miles.

Meet at the back of the Bishop City Park across from the Senior Center or meet us along the way out towards Millpond.

Course description at the bottom.

Chalk Bluff Road

Artesian well along Owens River Road

Rawson Canal Road

Airport Road just north of Warm Springs Rd

Views along the Airport Road

Nice sight along the Buckley Ponds Road

Great fun!

All distances approximate – or perhaps completely wrong!
First # is the distance of segment (miles) second is the running total distance.

  1. 5.0/5.0 City Park to jct Red Hill Rd & Ed Powers Rd via West Line St (turn R)
  2. 3.0/8.0 to jct Sawmill Rd & 395 via Millpond (straight across 395) end of “neutral” section
  3. 1.8/9.8 to jct Pleasant Valley Dam Rd & Chalk Bluff Rd (turn R onto C. Bluff)
  4. 6.0/15.8 to jct Fish Slough Rd, Jean Blanc Rd (stay R onto pavement/Jean Blanc)
  5. 0.6/16.4 to jct Jean Blanc & 5-Bridges Rd (straight, stay L onto dirt)
  6. 2.8/19.2 to jct Jean Blanc & Hwy 6 (staight)
  7. 0.8/20.0 to jct Jean Blanc & Upper McNally Canal (turn R)
  8. 1.6/21.6 to jct Laws Poleta Rd (paved) – cross Silver Cyn Rd (stay R/merge onto pavement)
  9. 2.6/24.2 to jct E. Line St/Poleta Rd (turn R)
  10. 0.3/24.5 to jct Collins Canal Look for cattle guard on left near the trees (turn L)
  11. 3.2/27.7 to jct Eastside Road (turn R onto pavement)
  12. 0.8/28.5 turn R on Warm Springs Rd to jct with Owens River Rd (turn L)
  13. 3.4/31.9 to jct Collins Rd (turn R)
  14. 2.6/34.5 to jct Rawson Canal (turn R) Close gate behind you!
  15. 0.7/35.2 to unnamed jct (turn L)
  16. 2.3/37.5 along Bishop Cr Canal to unnamed jct (turn L)
  17. 0.8/38.3 to jct Warm Spring Rd (turn R)
  18. 0.9/39.2 to jct “Airport Rd” just after cattle guard (turn L)
  19. 1.4/40.6 to jct unnamed Rd (turn R)
  20. 0.6/ 41.2 to jct unnamed Rd, stay on more used road (turn L)
  21. 0.6/41.8 to jct unnamed Rd (turn R)
  22. 0.5/42.3 to jct unnamed Rd (turn L)
  23. 0.5/42.8 to jct Buckley Ponds Rd (turn L)
  24. 3.6/46.4 stay on main road all the way to East Line St (turn R) Prepare for quick left
  25. 0.1/46.5 to jct Aiport Canal (turn L)
  26. 1.0/47.5 to jct Airport Rd (turn R) Prepare for quick left
  27. 0.1/47.6 to jct Airport Perimeter Rd (turn L)
  28. 1.2/48.8 to end of Wye Rd through opening next to gate (straight on Wye Rd)
  29. 0.7/49.5 to jct Spruce St (turn L)
  30. 0.5/50.0 back to Bishop City Park (straight)   


HunterTravels said...

These are great photos

Royce said...

Great photos indeed. Most picturesque course of all time!

Rick Fee said...

You say you pre-rode the there something in works for an organized group ride? I've ridden most of these roads before, they're GREAT!

P.S. is this the Scott from Aerohead?