Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jumbo Pass Day 2

The second day at the Jumbo Pass Cabin dawned with the shocking realization that some sort of animal had stolen all of our meat and cheese products. We had stored them in a bucket labelled "food refrigeration" which had been slightly melted such that the lid did not seal tightly.

The damage consisted of 1.5 Salames, ~16 Laughing Cow cheeses, 250g of smoked Gouda, four Italian sausages, 2 sticks of butter, 16oz of red pasta sauce, 400g of breakfast ham, and 200g of sliced ham. Quite a haul!

A perusal of the cabin log revealed several mentions of Pine Martens stealing food. We had no idea!

Thus we wrote a warning on the "Fridge bucket."

We followed the tracks and determined the whole cache went down this hole.

We recovered from the shock as we determined we still had plenty of food, but with a little less protein, fat, and flavor than we originally planned.

Then we skied up to the small peak above the cabin.

Note the cabin along the sunlit ridge on the right.

Up high we found big cornices and variable skiing.

We then headed over to some west facing slopes where we found a little good skiing in the lee of these pines.

Larch abound in this area. Not only are they beautiful, but they have the distinction of being one of only a few deciduous conifers.

We found some real nice skiing in the northeast facing glades just below treeline.

Topped the tour off with a steep little chute with wind affected snow.

Back at the cabin we were missing our evening hors d'oeuvres.

Scenes from the cabin.

Spirits improved after a few spirits.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Scott. Great story of your adventure to Jumbo Pass... Dori