Monday, March 9, 2015

Pika Peak

Sunday 3/8 Steve and I headed out for an "exercise" tour. Figured we'd head up to Duck Pass and figure it out from there.

As we approached Duck Pass we noticed some nice tracks above Barney Lake and noted that the snow was still pretty darn good despite the recent warm temps.

At the top of Duck Pass we had the good fortune of meeting longtime Sierra skier John Dittli who was eyeing Pika Peak.  We quickly accepted his invitation to join him.

John and Steve cruise across Pika Lake on the way to Pika Peak (center).

Skinning up the huge apron below the chute (up right). Nice snow!

The chute was too narrow for skinning so we booted. Steve leads the way.

Steve and John. Almost there!

Summit photo.

The chute itself was a little scratchy at the top getting better near the mouth, but the apron and below skied great.

Steve enters the broad alley below the apron.

John enjoys the good snow in there too.

Up track to the right, down track to the left with the chute upper right.

We still had a little left in the tank, so when John suggested a little detour to ski Barney Bowl we didn't hesitate. Real nice skiing there too.

Fine skiing.
Beautiful weather.
A peak bagged.
Good times with a couple of super nice guys.
The ski gods were with me again!

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