Friday, January 1, 2016

Mammoth Lakes Basin Skiing

I headed back over to the Blue Crag area in the Mammoth Lakes Basin to check on conditions and get a few turns in.

The coverage was much better than two weeks ago, perhaps even doubling. Above treeline the winds have been severe and has blown the snow into large drifts while stripping other areas. Hammil Bowl.

Sunburst over Blue Crag.

I ventured up into one of several bowls between Blue Crag and Hammil Bowl. Wasn't surprised to find it wind affected, but a few inches of light snow fell recently making for tolerably decent skiing.

This shot is from part way up the bowl looking back over to Pyramid Peak (right skyline).

At and below treeline the skiing was terrific with the improved coverage and the new light snow.

I was somewhat wary of heavily drifted rollovers above treeline, but experienced no hollow snow, cracking, collapsing etc.

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