Saturday, February 27, 2016

Powell Glacier

Ann Piersall and I joined forces today for a tour up above Lake Sabrina to the Powell Glacier. We were both on our race equipment which was perfect for the fast travelling conditions we enjoyed.

Moonlight Lake (foreground) with Point Powell (square top mountain) in the back. We headed up the left side of the big moraine in front of Point Powell.

Ann took this picture of me crossing Moonlight Lake.

Ann cruises along through the broad valley beneath the glacier which lies at the back.

Stunning terrain.

We found a nice rock and soaked up the High Sierra scenery.

From whence we came. Our return would take us up and over the ridge to the right.

Ann enjoys the windboard.

This high traverse set us up for the climb to the ridge.

Scrambling Ann.

I strike a pose near the top of the ascent.

On top of the ridge with Clyde Spires (left), Picture Peak (Center right) and Mt Haekel (right).

To more solid wind board skiing.

Then a skate across Blue Lake.

Got a little funky below Blue Lake with warm mushy snow here and there.

To Lake Sabrina.

Heck of a great tour!!
Thanks for the pics and the partnership Ann.

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