Friday, March 18, 2016

Ruby Lake

I did a great quick tour today on my lightweight race gear. Up Rock Creek again. After a fairly long slog up the Rock Creek road to Mosquito Flat, I veered right and headed up to Ruby Lake.

The picturesque Bear Creek Spire.

The skinning was pleasant up this creek channel to Ruby Lake.

The stunning Ruby Wall.

Ruby Lake and the Ruby Wall

Looking back down to Ruby Lake and up towards Mono Pass.

Lots of snow and fine alpine scenery up around 11,000' with Mt Abbot, The Petite Griffon (spire in the notch) and Mt Mills.

I hooked a left to the shallow saddle southwest of pt 11,902 (Lookout Peak) and skied a nice drainage down to Long Lake. The corn skiing was truly fun.

Open water spots are growing at inlets and outlets.

The snow was still firm enough to easily skate the lakes and meadows back to Mosquito Flats.

Nice day!

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Deborah Castro said...

Quite beautiful! Too bad Rock Creek Rd presents a bit of a bummer getting in and out...maybe a mtn bike is in order!