Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Down Low Down South

With incredible snow coverage down near the valley floor Ben and I decided to go south and go low.

The Onion Valley road is plowed to Foothill Road and there is a driveable track about a half mile past that. The County is digging out and I would imagine it will be good to go to Gray's Meadow Campground by the weekend.

Olive patiently waited while Ben and I geared up.

Olive surveys the valley.

Ben breaks trail towards our destination. We ended up taking one run down the big open slope on the right and another through the trees and glades just left.

Made it up to a little knoll with big views.

Olive ponders the steep lines north of the knoll. Not today Olive!

Ben and Olive enjoy the nice powder in the trees.

The big bowl skied really well too.

We skinned up in the sun gloveless, in t-shirts, but once the sun went down the temperature immediately plummeted. Winter!

Good times. Great zone.

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