Thursday, January 26, 2017

Turns from the House

Walking our dog Bristle in the cold mornings I noticed the snow had set up perfectly for skiing with a stout base underneath an inch or two of fluff. I decided to chance it and take the backcountry skis for a spin.

Initially I had my eye on this fine line.

It proved too rocky, but this little slope seemed like it might work. From the top I wasn't too optimistic.

 The run exceeded all expectations! From the bottom. Looks nuts but skied great.

and from afar.

Took two in there. Never tapped a rock. Never broke the crust. Just a bunch of giggles.
Had a super fun run down the 4x4 road too.

The views were killer.

My little berg in winter splendor.

It's not always the deepest powder or the gnarliest runs that are the best. This one was all time!!!

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