Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Brown Lake

Last weekend Mary and I took a short hike up to Brown Lake above Bishop.

We started near Parcher's Resort and headed up the steep but pleasant trail.

Great views along the way to the Sierra Crest.

And back down the South Fork of Bishop Creek.

 Flowers were in abundance!

Serene Brown Lake

Where I took a dip. Refreshing!


Nice short outing after working at the house in the morning!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ruby Lake

Mary, Bristle and I hiked up to Ruby Lake today.

Great views of Little Lakes Valley along the way.

Majestic Bear Creek Spire

Mt Morgan

The last half mile or so to the lake is gorgeous.

And the lake itself is sublime.

Bristle was thirsty!

We found the perfect rock.

The water was frigid but felt oh so good.

What a spot.

Another great day in the hills!

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Yesterday we joined our friends Elysia and Jim for a "fun patrol" in Yosemite.

We started the day paddleboarding on Tenaya Lake.


Perfect conditions! No wind. Clear water. Ideal temps.


Elysia and Jim rest on the beach after her paddle and his swim.

After a snack we headed down beautiful Tenaya Creek.

Sisyphus Mary.

As we entered the upper reaches of Tenaya Canyon the creek tumbles over granite slabs.

Flowers too!

Mary descends into the canyon.

A short descent brought us to this magnificent falls.

Swim time! Me.

Cold but not frigid. Mary jumps in too.

More great flowers.

We moseyed down the canyon a bit further.

Water sculpted granite. 

Granite expanse.

Just got a peak of Half Dome.

Can't take too many pictures of the falls!

As we neared Tenaya Lake we passed this incredibly green meadow.

Back at the lake. We took one final dip and headed home.

What a day!


Been way too long since I've updated the blog. Mary and I have been doing some great hikes in the Sierra. Some new places and some old favorites too.

On our way up to Reno for a doctor's appointment we hike Horse Creek out of Twin Lakes above Bridgeport.

Incredible cascades along the way.

The view back towards upper Twin Lake.

Mary, Matterhorn Peak, and a butterfly.

More splendid cascades.

The next day, before our appointment, we hiked a short section of the Tahoe Rim Trail south of the Mt Rose Highway.

We did a little cross country hiking to get up to a high ridge.

Which provided views back toward Tahoe Meadows and the trailhead.

and fine vistas of Lake Tahoe too.

Lunch rock. Still a fair bit of snow on the north facing slopes here.

Our next outing started out at South Lake which was brimming full.

We first visited Lake Marie Louise.

Bristle loved it!

 We passed this pleasant meadow on our way over toward Bull Lake.

Placid Bull Lake with Hurd Peak in the background.

Chocolate Peak

The trail back.

It's been terrific to get up in the high country!