Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Cabin

A bit less than a year ago I stumbled upon "The Cabin" during a bike tour (click here ). After several weeks of dense smoke and high temperatures, conditions improved slightly, so I headed out to for a getaway.

After a little over an hour on the highway and twenty minutes or so on dirt I arrived.

It was great to be back. It felt like visiting an old friend.

The burros were still around in abundance along with the familiar serenity.

I went for a ride each day, progressively going further and further out.

This small ghost town was one of several highlights.


Friday, August 28, 2020

Pothole Dome

Both Mary and I were looking to escape the heat of the valley and go for a sightseeing stroll. We decided to explore the area around Pothole Dome.

The trail begins by skirting the eastern edge of the splendid Tuolumne Meadows.

The Tuolumne River flows through a series of stunning granite cascades and riffles here.

Foam patterns.

More foam patterns
Just northwest of Pothole Dome the river flows across a huge expanse of smooth granite.

then enters another fine meadow.
 We left the river and hiked crosscountry to the top of Pothole Dome (right foreground).


This is an easy and rewarding hike with few crowds (except on the dome). Just what Mary and I were looking for.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Matthes Lake

Yep! Another day trip to Tuolumne Meadows. We joined our friends Jim and Elysia who suggested a visit to Matthes Lake. I was a bit intimidated by the fourteen mile distance of the hike, but I had just seen some incredible photos of Matthes Lake on the inteweb so I it was well worth a try.

Gorgeous granite near the start.

We took a short break for photos and food above Cathedral Lakes with Cathedral Peak presiding.

 J&E cruise on down to Echo Lake.
Echo Peaks above Echo Lake
Soon we arrived at Matthes Lake with the fantastic Matthes Crest overhead.

Jim brought his wetsuit and went for a solid swim. The rest of us did the quick and invigorating in/out dip.
Echo Peaks and Lake on the way out
Most often there was a use trail to follow but even without it navigating and cross country hiking was easy.
At Cathedral Pass we were back on the JMT.
 A lot more people on that stretch. Busy but not crowded.

The fourteen miles went down a lot easier that I anticipated. There are very few steep sections and the walking is mostly easy and pleasant. Completely worth it. Matthes Lake is simply unreal!

Strava entry

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Elizbeth Lake

Back to Tuolumne. This time for a visit to Elizabeth Lake.

We got an early start and enjoyed the cool shady trail on the climb up.

It's a fairly short (~2.5 miles) stroll to Elizabeth Lake.

Ospery, tree, moon

One of several pleasant coves at Elizabeth Lake

Gazing up to Unicorn Peak

Grass and granite reflections

We still had plenty of "get up & go" so we got up and went to the nearby crest of the Cathedral Range.

Interesting landscape on the journey up.


We stumbled upon several little crystal "vents." This dark, smokey quartz was perhaps our best find.

Mary rests on a fine little natural bench.
The views north to Lembert Dome and the Conness region weren't bad.
The Cockscomb
Mary gazes...
South to Matthes Crest and Sunrise Wall
 Another view north.
 We're loving the high meadows in Tuolumne. They look almost manicured!

Another in a series of fine Tuolumne outings!