Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to Tuttle Creek

Thursday, 3/6 I headed back up Tuttle Creek intending to explore a small chute I had seen the day before. The chute doglegged. The bottom section held mostly sun affected snow varying from a very firm, almost icey surface to a thin, punchy sun crust Here's the bottom section:

Here's the upper section. I made it up to the highest tree in the chute. The snow here was more winter like. I found an inch or two of soft snow on top of a firm base of wind board or avi debris. In real sheltered spots I found six or eight inches of nice soft snow.

The South Face of Lone Pine Peak at first light:

The early morning views of Owens Valley:

All in all the skiing wasn't too great, but the scenery was fine and I enjoyed checking out this shot. With a bit more coverage it would probably go all the way to the top pretty easily and with a few inches of powder would be grand fun!
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