Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1-1-2009 New Years on White Wing

I decided to start the New Year right by restarting my blog and going for a ski. Since I was going solo I selected a nice mellow tour up to White Wing. Fortunately someone had already set a nice track back to Glass Creek Meadow.

Wind had sculpted the snow here on the north slopes near the meadow. The top of June Mountain ski area is on the skyline on the right edge of the photo.

White Wing is an interesting pumice pile with granite outcrops. The landscape is wide and moon like. This is the view east towards Long Valley, the Glass Mountains (left) and the White Mountains (distant center).

The winds had been predominately out of the North and West so the east slopes were not too badly wind hammered. This slope started out with some nice sun softened wind board and transitioned to nice, soft wind blown.

The final run of the day. There was a little wind crust here and there up high. The snow in the trees down to the right was soft and pleasant.

Twas a nice way to start the year!

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