Monday, February 23, 2009

2-21-2009 Ship's Prow Area

At last, I am back home and skiing!
Good friends, mountains, and good skiing made for a fine return to normalcy.

Steve, Annie and I visited the Ship's Prow area of the Mammoth Crest.
The Ship's Prow is the rocky formation on the far right.

Snow stability on the upper slopes was a bit dodgy though, so we stayed on the lower angle aprons and bowls.

This fine couloir in the Hammil Cirque definitely got our attention.

The skiing here was excellent. There were patches of wind pack elsewhere, but generally the snow was light powder.

Here's Steve keeping the tele stoke going.

Yep, the snow pack in these parts is looking pretty good. Finally.

Thanks to all of my good friends and my wonderful family for their support during these difficult days. I love you all.

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