Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We took the train from Newquay to the city of Bath, arriving to clouds and mist. We checked in at our guest house and walked into the city center, about twenty minutes away.

We crossed the river Avon on our way.
We were impressed with these little barges. We chatted up one of the inhabitants and found out that the mooring was free, although there were annual license fees. They can travel over much of England through an extensive series of canals and locks.

Downtown Bath is beautiful primarily because it is built of stone from one quarry and because it was built over a short period under the direction of one set of architects.

In the center of Bath are the Roman Baths. Around 45 AD the Romans found the only hot spring in England and promptly built a temple and bathing pools.Mary and Anne enjoy a little time off their feet.
The baths are adjacent to the Bath Abbey which is much younger, having been built in the 1400s.

This is a statue of Julius Caesar (click on photo to enlarge and see the inscription).
This figure was part of the temple which no longer stands.
Some leftover Romans still guard the place.

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