Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dragon Peak

Last Sunday Steve, Jed, Annie and I headed back to Onion Valley for an attempt on Dragon Peak.

After about a half hour of hiking we got to the sun, warmed our bones, and put on the skis.
It wasn't long before we were truly in the High Sierra.

Jed skins up with Dragon Peak left of center and The Dragtooth to the right.
Dragon Peak looming over Jed. We skinned up the bowl to its left.
Steve skins the huge snow fields below the bowl.
When we reached the top of the bowl we were standing on the Sierra Crest and looking over miles of snowy landscape.
Steve climbs up towards the summit with Mt. Rixford on the far right behind him.
We had fun scrambling on the more solid blocky rock higher up.
Jed scrambled up the exposed summit block in his ski boots with ease and dropped a rope for Annie who climbed to the top in her socks! Steve and I were not as bold, so we watched with vicarious delight.

Jed gives us the victory wave.
Back at the top of the bowl Annie and Jed mack a few sardines.
Must've worked 'cause Annie shredded the pow below.
and Steve cruised the corn down lower.
What a day!
Thanks pards!


LT & PP said...

Epic day for you!

Jed and/or Annie said...

Hey, sweet pictures. We're watching PW07 right now!

ellen said...

We are coming from Colorado to ski the sierras from April 21 for three weeks. Are we too late for the Onion Valley Zone? Thanks for your blog, it was helpful!
Ellen and Jeffrey

Scott E said...

hi ellen,

We are in England now, so I am not sure how things have been since we left, but there was quite a lot of snow out of Onion Valley - especially about 500' elev above. I would think you would be in good shape! Enjoy.