Sunday, April 26, 2009

England Recap: Newquay

After a day with Anne and her Mom in St. Albans and Stevenege we hopped on the train for Newquay. The train ride was smooth despite several transfers and connections. We arrived in Newquay to a driving wind and light rain.

The next day, however, dawned bright and fresh, so we went in search of bike rentals. The helpful lady at the Tourist Information Center directed us to this place.
The "bike shop" was suspect from the beginning. Their main business appeared to be odd tourist knick knacks, including adult oriented costumes.The bikes were of poor quality, but appeared rideable despite a few loose bearings. At least the handlebars and stems seemed to have been tightened properly.

We headed north, up the coast and were quickly out of the town bustle. We stopped several times and hiked out to the magnificent headlands.

The riding was great. I wished I had a decent road bike as the roads were twisty and fun with an occasional short, steep climb. The drivers were super polite to us cyclist.
We wrapped up the day with an evening walk down to the beaches below town.

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