Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Update From England

Hi Everyone.

We are on our last day at Newquay.
We've spent the last two afternoons body boarding.
Incredible fun!
Great waves.
Not too cold either, with full wetsuits, booties, gloves & hood.

The weather is a little better today.
Broken clouds, a sprinkle or two, and windy.
We had one nice day.
Two quite rainy and windy days.

We rented some shoddy bikes from a sketchy little shop.
I was surprised they didn't break down, but we did have a real pleasant ride up the coast.
The coastline here is spectacular.

The town of Newquay is a bit cheesy with a lot of tourist junk shops, but there is a little character here and there. The food has been a little dodgy, the nicer places are good, but the pub food and the cafes are not. The "full english breakfast" is especially foul!

I'll post pics at some point, although probably not til we get home.

Tomorrow we head up to the historic city of Bath.
I'll try to keep in touch.


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