Monday, April 20, 2009

Update from England

We finally have some internet access, so I'll give you a quick update.

We finished up Newquay with two days of body boarding, which was an absolute blast and quite a workout too.
The waves were good and the beaches were beautiful. We had wetsuits, gloves, hoods & booties and stayed warm for the most part.

We celebrated Mary's birthday with a nice dinner out with a grand view of the ocean complete with a super sunset.

Next we rode the train into Bath, a beautiful, bustling center with a rich history.
We met our friend Anne and visited the ancient Roman baths and the Bath Abbey.
The Roman baths were built on the only hot springs in England around 45AD. Amazing!
The Abbey was much newer, but also held breathtaking architecture and great stained glass.
We hooked up with Anne' s Mum, Sister and her boyfriend for a nice dinner in city center.

We then drove down to the town of Cheddar - yes, the cheese place!
Cheddar is also well known for limestone caves and a stunning gorge.
We hiked steep trails above the gorge and saw goats, hares, sheep, ponies, classic rock walls, and emerald green fields stretching to the horizon.
We coughed up a few pounds to explore one of the caves, which was quite touristy but amazing nonetheless.

This morning we left Cheddar with Anne at the wheel, back to St Albans, then into London via train and underground. We're staying just a couple blocks from the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. We are super happy to be in London with so much to see and do!!!

Talk to you later!!

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