Wednesday, June 10, 2009

McGee Creek Amble

Mary and I had a "husband & wife" day Sunday. We started out with a nice ride in Round Valley, napped in the early afternoon, then we took a short, easy hike at McGee Creek.

As spring progresses the wildflower bloom moves higher in elevation. I had heard the flowers were nice up in McGee Canyon, so we took a look (Thanks Brian C.).

The weather was cool, but not cold with intermittent clouds and sun.
Clik on pic to enlarge!
The mountains and the flowers were simply spectacular.

Porter loved it and so did we!
To cap the day off we headed to Convict Lake Resort for some decadent dining.

Thanks for a great day Mary.


Melissa Place said...

You take great photos, Scott.

Scott E said...

Thanks Melissa.

To be honest, Mary took about half of these!

Mary said...

Thank you, Scott, for a great day! It was a beautiful day!