Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Riding at Mammoth Mountain

Since I have my pedal pass, I decide to head up to Mammoth Mountain and have some more fun. This time around I wanted to explore some of the terrain near treeline.

I started at mom's condo and rode to Little Eagle, where the initial climb is pretty stout and somewhat technical. After that initial effort, the grades eased up for the most part and the riding was super pleasant.

About an hour into the ride I ended up above the trees and enjoyed the sweeping views and the alpine terrain.
I cruised over to McCoy station and refilled my water bottles and headed east to the Chair 5 area. Much of the route was on service roads which proved to be incredibly steep. My legs, lungs and head felt like they were about to explode when I arrived at this fine vista of the Mammoth Lakes Basin.
A bit further on I enjoyed this view of the Lakes Basin and Mammoth Crest.
The trail took me under Chair 9, now called Cloud Nine Express, which appears to be rising straight out of the town of Mammoth!
From here it was all downhill on super fun twisty trails.
By the time I got back to Mom's condo I was completely knackered.
Couch time!


cyclingchef said...

Did your Mom make lunch for you?

Scott E said...

As I recollect, she may have assisted in replenishing my nutritional resources.

LT said...