Monday, October 19, 2009

Owens Valley Cyclocross #2

Last Sunday we held our second Owens Valley Cyclocross race out at the Wye Road Course under a beautiful sky and in balmy temps.

Here we are at the start line preparing to suffer. B. Cashore, on the far right, was planning to gun it from the get go, while I'm just grinning like a fool for the camera (other yellow jersey).
And gun it he did! Myself, Simon, B. Ossofsky and B. Kuhl chased, but none of us wanted to drive it real hard with the other three drafting behind, so the gap slowly grew. Finally Simon put in a real hard dig and we closed the gap just in time to enter the first technical section.

Here we are on the first lap chasing Cashore who has already left the picture.

We all came together again at the beginning of the second lap. I decided I wanted to get to the front for the technical sections to avoid any mishaps, however I soon mishapped myself and fell to the back of the group. Here I am leading the group moments before eating dust.
By the fourth lap we all seperated with Simon going out of sight, Ossofsky grinding it out in second, Cashore chasing valiantly, and myself slowly unwinding.

Here's Ossofsky stomping the pedals and the competition (except Simon).
B. Nelson mixed it up nicely under that stunning sky.
The last two laps were torture with my back seizing , my hamstrings knotting up, and waves of nauseau testing my will to finish, but finish I did!

Here I am shortly after finishing still very much residing in the pain room.
But after a few minutes and a barley pop or two I was feeling human again.

The post race weanie roast was huge fun, complete with tales of cycling history, loveable dogs, great beer, ideal weather, grand scenery, roasted weanies (of course!) and, best of all, a wonderful group of friends.

Thanks to all who raced, to those who helped out, and especially to Mary for taking all these pics! See yah next time.

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Melissa Myers Place said...

Great photos, Mary. Fun commentary, Scott. Looks like a great day. We will have to get out there for one of the events. The girls would dig watching you guys. We would cheer for you, Scott!