Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meadow Skipping

Today Anne and I headed up to the glades south of Habeggar's (SoHa) for some meadow skipping (i.e. low angle cruising).

The weather was splendid again. I skinned up in a t-shirt!

Like the Habeggar's glades, the snow stays good at SoHa long after the last storm.
We reached a broad, open shoulder of the Coyote Ridge and soaked up the warm sun and the expansive views.

Looking up towards Paiute Pass with Mt. Emerson and Mt. Humphreys to the right.
Mt Haeckel far left, Darwin left center, and Mendel right center.
Mt Good just left of center and Johnson to the right.
After enjoying the views we got down to business.
Meadow skipping deluxe!
We had a few turns of slightly wind affected snow up high, delightful, velvety powder below that and soft sugar snow at the lower elevations. All in all we had very enjoyable skiing.

The snowpack at the lower elevations will bear watching as it consisted of one to two feet of sugar snow on top of eight or ten inches of hollow, rotten snow. Not the kind of base that would support any additional load.

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