Monday, February 22, 2010

Tree Skiing Mammoth Style

After experiencing too much bad snow for my taste last weekend, I opted to ski more sheltered terrain this time around. On Saturday I headed around Punta Bardini, across unSolitude Canyon (popular with the snomos this time of year), and up into the treed bowl just west of the Banana Chute.

The weather was unsettled, windy, and moody.

That's what I'm looking for!
The view across Solitude Canyon to Punta Bardini.

Sunday we headed up the treed bowl/chutes between & below Punta Bardini and The Perch. Here's a pic of The Perch and the western half of the treed area we skied.
The winds had been steady and strong for more than a day.

As we neared the top of one of the treed chutes we triggered a small slide. The crown was 4" to 8" and about 50' across. The slab was created by recent wind deposited snow and had not bonded with the sugary, faceted snow beneath. I was easily able to stay standing as it slid by me, but it was definitely an attention getter.

We enjoyed two runs of good skiing in the trees, then high tailed it out of there in somewhat ferocious conditions.

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