Monday, March 8, 2010

Picking the Plum

On Saturday Stewart, Anne and I headed out for a tour. Stewart took us to a special spot whose location will remain anonymous at his request.

Stewart breaking trail in the deep fluff.
Fine skiing in them glades.
We worked hard to put in the skin track, so on Sunday Anne and I returned with a hope we could go higher, maybe even reach the summit.

And summit we did!
This slope doesn't always hold snow as the north winds often strip it bare. We "picked the plum" while it was ripe!
Anne liking the cold goodness.
A family of Bald Eagles entertained us on the way down with the adult (shown) circling above a pair of juveniles who dove and rolled in the mountain winds.
This shot probably gives the location away, but I couldn't resist.
A great one!

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