Sunday, March 21, 2010

White Fang

On Saturday Steve, Anne and I met at Convict Lake with no particular goal in mind except to head up the hanging valley east of Mt. Morrison above Tobacco Flat. For a good while we merely skied up the valley on a sight seeing cruise.

As we neared the head of the canyon White Fang came into view.
A bit further up, a fine chute on the shoulder of White Fang appeared and we had discovered our objective!
Looking up the chute.
Looking down the chute. Steve kicked steps all the way allowing Anne and I a leisurely stroll to the top.
Steve celebrated while Anne tackled the last few steps to the top of the ridge.
When I reached the spine I could see what the celebrating was all about. Fine views like this one of Bloody Mountain (left) and Laurel Mountain (right) abounded.
This is the view north along the ridge toward the south summit of Mt. Morrison.
The skiing in the chute started out pretty good with soft snow over a supportable crust. About halfway down the soft snow disappeared and we skied the firm crust.

The setting was spectacular.
The apron held enjoyable corn snow.
A beautiful day, incredible scenery, a fine chute skied, and good friends all added up to make for a very special day.

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