Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brown Lake/Green Lake Ski

Steve and I hooked up yesterday and decided to look for powder/winter snow up the Brown Lake/Green Lake drainage above the Parcher's Resort in the South Fork of Bishop Creek (a mouthful!).

The road is currently plowed all the way to Parcher's, but the road crew hasn't finished clearing the road or making room for parking there, so the road is bermed off just beyond the Tyee trailhead (see Friday's blog).

An easy twenty minute walk got us to Parcher's and this view of the windy ridge above.
The Parcher's slope has good coverage and is well on its way to cooking down to corn. This is the view across canyon to the ridge I attained on Friday.
Nearing Brown Lake these fine slopes come into view. We eventually skied the bowl to the left after climbing up from the other side.
The winds were an issue all day, but thankfully they were intermittent and much of our route was out of their direct impact.
Above Green Lake the drainage ends at this dramatic cirque.
Steve makes his way up into the cirque with The Hunchback on the skyline behind.
The chute to the right here demanded our attention - and got it!

The lichen on the rock outcrops was striking fluorescent yellow.
At the top of the chute was this amazing, sheltered alcove. Beyond the notch the winds were nuking, creating a jet engine like roar.
We briefly braved the winds to admire the views. Here's Mt. Aggasiz (left back) and Picture Puzzle Peak (front right).
And the sweeping Sierra Crest from Mt. Goode on the left to Skier's Peak on the right (remember to click to enlarge).
The chute was ready to be skied.
Good, soft snow provided grin producing skiing. Tele lives!
All the way down to the bottom of the apron.
We then climbed a short ridge to the top of the bowl southeast of Green Lake. More great views greeted us there with "Fool's Peak" far left (see last week's blog), the sharp horn of Mt. Humphries and the huge mass of Mt. Tom on the right.
Soft snow was found in the bowl too.
And, like Friday, the best snow was found low down, just above Green Lake.
The Parcher's slope was still firm, but smooth and supportable, so the skiing was tolerable there.

All in all we had quite a lot of fun in the mountains this day!

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