Friday, April 2, 2010

Fool's Peak

I had a great ski today with my good friend Jed.

We skied "Fool's Peak" which lies on the ridge dividing the main stem of the North Fork of Bishop Creek and the Wonder Lakes drainage.

At the mouth of Loch Leven Lake we headed south up this fine chute.
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We booted up most of the chute, starting with firm windboard at the bottom, then powder snow, which became deeper as we climbed.
We worked pretty hard in the deep stuff.
At the top of the chute we were greeted with this view of the peak to the west.
The weather was unsettled, but we weren't hit by strong winds until the summit ridge.
The turns off the top were surprisingly good.

And the skiing in upper 2/3s of the chute was real nice too.

Here's Jed making it look easy in the funky snow lower down.
The apron skied alright.
We headed down to North Lake on gluey snow and then down to Cardinal Village, which was just beyond this creek crossing. Why mess around hopping slippery rocks or dicey log walks when you can just wade across?
Winter is definitely back in the High Sierra and we liked it!

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