Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Independence Peak Tree Skiing

The alarm went off at four this morning so that I would have plenty of time to enjoy the cold spring powder from this latest storm.

The Onion Valley Road above Independence had been plowed nearly to the trailhead before the storm, but the new snow drifted to nearly a foot deep on this turn, so I parked the truck and started skinning.
Here's the early morning view of Independence Peak. I ended up skiing the large grove of trees just left of center.
The snow in the main chute was a bit wind affected and higher up I could see the small chunks of recent avalanche debris, so I decided to head into the trees where the snow was soft & light and the avalanche danger was lower.
There were several fine old gentlemen growing in the glades.The skiing was outstanding here.
And actually not too bad down here either.
After two great runs in the trees and a fun, quick exit out the bottom I was ready for anything at work!

Oh, and FYI, by the time I was skiing out, the road had already been plowed well above where I parked. The sun will probably have wrecked some of the exposed snow later today, but north facing shady slopes should be fantastic skiing for a while. Get it!

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