Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bike Club Ride

My annual transition from skiing to cycling is underway. There's plenty of snow in the hills, but warm weather lures me onto the saddle.

The Eastern Sierra Velo folks had a ride from the County Park at Mono Lake out Highway 167, so Mary and I joined them.

I realize cycling pics aren't nearly as fun to look at as skiing pics, but here goes.

This is out near what appeared to be a small summit on Highway 167, maybe five miles east of the Nevada border.
167 is one straight road for a long long distance.
A great spread was waiting for us at the end thanks to Sara and Steve (right).
Tyler, myself, and Tom eye the desserts.
I hooked up with Tyler, Tom, and Jason for the ride out, taking turns on the front riding moderately hard. On the way back I ended up on my own and riding really hard. I was hammered by the end. This skier's body felt pretty good in the old saddle!

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