Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hogback Creek Cross

End of the absence!

I camped in the Alabama Hills, which I'll keep doing until it gets too hot, and rode north to Hogback Creek. I headed out on Movie Road to Moffat Ranch Road on wide, well graded, roads which were a touch washboardy, but decent overall.

This is the view heading down Moffat Ranch Road just above the creek crossing.
Once I crossed the creek I found the road heading to Manzanar and took it for a mile or so until I realized I needed a lot more time to do that area justice, so I headed back to Hogback Creek.

This is the road heading to Manzanar. Twas a bit soft and rocky here, but looks sweet lower down.
I headed up the small road on the north side of Hogback Creek which proved to be real nice riding in a pleasant setting.
Found these flashy flowers growing in the road too.
The road eventually crossed back over Hogback Creek and joined Hogback Road which I took back down to Movie Road.

Mighty fine fun on the 'cross bike!

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