Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marin! Cyclocross & Coast Time

Mary and I journeyed to Marin County last weekend to race cyclocross, enjoy some coast time, and visit my old high school buddy Alan Reynolds.

After a surprisingly long drive we reached San Anselmo where we stayed at the San Anselmo Inn.

The next morning we had a short drive to Fairfax, the site of the Lion of Fairfax cyclocross race.

Here I am ready to roll.
Zoomin' through the fun singletrack section.
I started with about twenty guys in the 45+ B division. We were quickly racing amongst slower 35+ B riders who started two minutes ahead.

I am fourth rider in this pic, with the first two riders 35+B riders. I battled with the guy in front of me in the green & white most of the race.
Sadly, I suffered a flat tire midway through the last lap whilst running fifth or sixth. Kind of a bummer, but I had raced real well, feeling strong & smooth, so I wasn't crying too much.

After regrouping & redressing we reconnoitered at the Biketoberfest bike show & beer tasting.

Here's myself, Mary, and my buddy Alan having a good ol time.
These folks played a lively Russian polka.
Hmmm. Maybe he's right. At least 50% right anyway.
Saw a lot of exotic bikes.

This one did not purr, but it's tail swayed when rubbed in the right spot.
Saw this startling woven Kevlar fiber bike.

Loved the classic lugged steel bikes from Steelman.
Wood bikes are the latest rage.
They reportedly have a smooth, damp ride.
Looks cool too.

This is a Calfee with hemp fiber lugs and bamboo tubes.
More bamboo from Calfee.
Renova displayed this hardwood beauty.
Marin is home of eccentric!
We slept long and peacefully and woke up feeling chipper, so we headed out to Point Reyes.
The storm cleared just as we got out to the lighthouse.
The deer were abundant and tame.
We strolled on South Beach.
and Stinson Beach.
Where Mary made easy work of this V9 route.
Alas the trip was over too soon, and we headed home over Tioga Pass. The scenery here at Olmstead Point was especially grand.
Lots of driving, but lots of fun.