Thursday, December 23, 2010

Table Mountain

An incredible, gorgeous day.

I was fairly time constricted today, so I opted for a quick tour up Table Mountain from the South Fork of Bishop Creek.

I was amazed by the incredible snow depth and pleased by the snow quality.

The views didn't hurt the eyes either.

Looking west towards Bishop Bowl and Mt. Emerson.
The big Owens Valley behind my skin track.
There was no sign of avalanche activity in Jawbone Canyon. I was glad.
I skied up & down real conservatively given the recent huge snow totals, but I was impressed with the overall stability.

The skiing was nothing short of great.
Had to go up for another lap!

1 comment:

Jed said...

YES! Awesome! Seems I won't regret living here in Bishop this winter. Been so long since we had an early deep base, I kinda forget how great the Bishop Creek skiing can be. Good stuff Scott.